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James Dodger and the Rain bug part 2

The Dodger Mansion sat on the highest hill of the Township. James walked slowly up the steep mountain, his head drooped down. He came across his lovely red buggy which was sitting in his grassy garden. In front of him was his glamorous castle.
He walked inside the giant wooden doors as he heard the rain begin, it pored down fast. It came so suddenly.
James walked down his echoing corridor, grabbed the side of the stairs and made his way up, he walked higher and higher. Each step on the sly wooden steps echoed through the whole mansion. He walked into his living room, lit the fire and fell back into his cool red armchair. He suddenly heard this tapping sound, Blur’s claws tapped along the wooden planked floors. His doggy body hopped up onto James’ lap, curled and fell asleep. James continued this household tradition by falling asleep too. His arm dropped and swung over the arm of the chair and his eyes closed lightly.


“Ok, everyone on the plane? Me, Mari Marble, Junior Officer Dave and six backup officers for assistance?” Inspector Lizz stared around the plane, “Tick!” she said smiling and ticking her clipboard. Mari walked over to her, “James won’t be joining us today Inspector.” She said sighing. Lizz rolled her eyes suddenly flicking her clipboard. “Yes, I know Marble, you’ve told me over twelve times already, and do you have a crush on him or something?” Lizz laughed to herself. Mari frowned turning her back and walking back to her seat near Officer Dave and the six assistants. “She’s changed her mood hasn’t she?” Mari said strapping herself in tight. Dave smiled, “She’s happy about the outcome of the case obviously.” Dave had black hair and was proud to be a cop; he had a shiny golden badge on his chest. He pulled out a box of cigarettes from his pocket, and took one out. He then grabbed a lighter and lit the cigarette up. He pressed it into his mouth.
Suddenly Mari flicked her hand across his face and knocked the cigarette out of his mouth; “Smoking ki… oh” she paused seeing Dave’s grumpy face. “Sorry,” she said bending over and picking it up, she gave it back to him and settled down.
The plane moved smoothly across the runway, they all strapped in and held on tight to what ever they could find. The vehicle soared across the gravel road, faster and faster before the front wheel slightly lifted off of the ground, it moved down again, and then up until soon the back wheels had risen, the plane was finally airborne. It flew into the air smoothly, zooming upwards.


James woke up suddenly, as he got up his dog flew forward onto the carpet. “Sorry Blur, must dash!” he shouted.
James zoomed down his wooden staircase, moving as fast as his legs could take him, he slipped on the last step and shot through the wooden front door, his dressing gown now had giant thorns and wooden splinters sticking out of it as he fell face first in the mud. He quickly got back up and stared at the sky, glaring as the grey clouds stormed in the air. He looked a little further noticing a small black dot coming closer by the minute, the plane. “Only one plane goes this way, and that’s the one to Antarctica!”
Suddenly an idea hit James in the head; he fell once again back into the splodge of mud.


Meanwhile, in the plane the captain spoke through the microphone, “It is a pretty stormy condition but we’ll soon get through, it’s just a bit cloudy, we are way above ground level now anyway.”
The plane soared in the wet weather, rain was squinting the pilots front window view. Inspector Lizz stared out of the window to see the fields below her soaring back, greens and trees flying away from below her feet.


The red buggy sat on the high roof of the mansion. James stared mildly at the giant ramp he had built in front of it. Giant planks of wood from his staircase built into a large ramp off of the top the mansion. James hopped into his shiny red buggy and settled down in the comfortable seat. He took out his buggy key from his chocolate covered pocket and slotted it into the buggy exhaust. The buggy started mounting up and down fast, making traditional engine bubbling noises. James turned and leant backwards to notice where the plane was now, it wasn’t easy to see it through the mystic clouds now.


“YES! We’ve escaped the cloud!” shouted the pilot happily; this was of course until he noticed what was in front of him. A giant mountain had appeared right in front of the plane, “WAAA!” he shouted pulling both of the levers down fast.
Mari and Dave swung from side to side in their seat belts as Lizz had flown to the front of the passage.

James placed his foot down and the wheels of the buggy spun, fast. The buggy shot forward over the mansion roof bricks of stone. It grinded dark marks on the grey stone as it shot for the ramp, its front wheels hi the wood and leapt up, followed by the back wheels. James sat back and relaxed as the tiny red buggy flew up into the air, behind it a fuming aeroplane heading for Antarctica shot upwards from the side of the mountain, it exhausted, and the plane flew under the flying buggy. The shiny, wet red buggy soon dropped, James was preparing for the land, and he fiddled his fingers over the break as the buggy fell through the wind.
It soon landed, sliding backwards fast. James pressed down the breaks; the buggy stopped for a little while but was still moving sideways with the gush of wind and rain. The rain buggy skidded backwards; James suddenly flew out of the top of the buggy, his foot still on the breaks and pulled a giant piece of rope. He threw the robe powerfully downwards.

Inside the plane the passengers were getting frantic, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” shouted Inspector Lizz lying on the floor of the passage. The pilot spoke in the microphone, “Something red just landed on the top of the plane, for a moment it looked like a small red bug, but it seems to have been much heavier!”
Mari watched as a long rope flicked past her window. James, above them sitting in his buggy tied the robe firmly to the buggy’s sides.

The buggy was strapped safely on top as the plane flew through the skies. James pressed the light red button at the centre of the dashboard causing the buggy roof to develop from the back. Soon enough James was home and dry underneath the buggy cover as the plane headed for Antarctica.


The small Antarctic village of Berkshire held the one and only Diamond ship owned by Mr. Berkshire named, Berkshire Diamonds.
The giant plane landed in the cold, cold snow.  Bert Host, Stash Jacks, Pete Bonse and the pilot made their way out of the aeroplane. They walked along the snow, pushing their muscles at powerful strengths to get to the other side of the village where Mr. Berkshires shop was. It would take a while but they would get there eventually.


James sat in his buggy as the roof above him flapped and dragged; he relaxed a little and pulled out the recording of the pilot’s voice.
“HAHA! This is captain… *The tape fuzzed out* … with my group, the Host, The Jacks and the Bonse and we’re off to Antarctica!”
James thought for a moment, “Extraordinary, the fuzz sounds so… feminine.”


Mrs. Riana Braves walked at the back of the group, Jacks was at the front pointing and reassuring the rest that they were almost there. “There it is!” Jacks shouted pointing forward with his giant icy gloves.


The pilot of the police plane spoke into his microphone, “Coming in for landing now.” It had been many hours now, the officers were laying asleep on their chairs inside the shaking plane. Even James Dodger was asleep in his shaking buggy above the plane; the robe was very strong but was splitting and becoming less strong by the minute.
The pilot pushed the two levers forward smiling as the slowly went down in the wind, the clouds drifted past the plane splitting on the wings. He pressed another button causing the wheels to emerge from the bottom of the plane. Inspector Lizz stretched out her arms and pushed herself up from the passage floor. Mari and the officers woke up too, yawning and fiddling out their uncomfortable positions.


The four burglars pushed themselves along the thick, cold snow. Soon enough Bonse reached forward and felt the wooden wall of the Berkshire Diamond stall, he stroked it firmly. “This is it boys, this is the minute before we become billionaires.”
“Ahem!” coughed the female at the back. Host, Bonse and Jacks turned suddenly to Riana, “And girl…” Host reassured.
Bonse nodded, holding his arms and shaking in the cold winds, “I know its cold but I think we have time to stand in silence before we actually open the door ay?” He laughed to himself. Riana was running her hands up and down her arms, “You are joking right?” Bonse shook his head; they all stood in silence, in the freezing cold.


The plane tilted suddenly, the pilots voice echoed through the passages, “Right folks! We’re coming in for landing so hold tight!”
The frosty track below screamed as the planes front wheel sliced into the ice, the planes giant body soared down the granite ice firing icicles from left to right. Soon after the back wheels landed skidding and turning at amazing speeds.
The plane slowly lost its speed drifting across the frosted roads, it sped fast. The pilot pressed a few other glowing buttons and pulled and pushed a few levers. The plane paused on track suddenly skidding slowly along the ice.
He made a light French phrase in the microphone and asked everyone to exit the aircraft.
Inspector Lizz was ready to move, she packed her crisps and drinks into her velvet black bag below her seat. She pulled it onto her back and soared for the open door. She waited as in front of her a large metal staircase rolled over to her. The men down the bottom winked as Lizz stepped into the freezing cold winds. The winds were so powerful her foot slipped off of one step and onto the other. “Watch it love!” shouted one of the men below. Lizz reached the bottom of the stairs smiling and wiping some crisps off of her purple jacket, underneath it slept fourteen shirts and two extra jumpers. “I honestly did expect it to be a little colder here; it’s practically the same weather as we just left in the summer. Besides the snow... ice… and things…” Lizz turned and waited for the others to come out. “You look like a bag of marshmallows love!” the same man shouted again. Lizz frowned.


James Dodger pushed open the roof of his buggy and placed the key into his pocket, hopped out of the side and slid down the side of the plane. He collapsed on the top of the metal stairs just as Mari was about to walk down. She screamed suddenly as the man fell down the stairs back flipping in the air, he collapsed soon face first flat in the snow in front of Inspector Lizz. Lizz screamed too, “Oh my god! How did that man get up there?” The two men by the stairs shrugged as Mari ran down the stairs making sure she didn’t slip. James pushed himself out of the snow and jumped up in front of Inspector Lizz. “Hia! Just popping by ay!” he said smiling, that was when he realised how cold and windy it really was.
The man from the stairs walked over to them, “I must warn you, every few hours a huge gust of wind soars in from the east, lucky your plane didn’t get in it actually. Lucky for you you’re just in time for its feast!”
The group were practically ignoring the man, they stood around James astonished. “How on giddy earth did you get here?” shouted Mari. “You couldn’t have gotten on the plane!” Officer Dave and one of the other officers were coming out of the plane now. James stared at them all, “I am cold, are you cold? Because I am.”
The men by the stairs ran for shelter jumping into a brick cottage near by covered in snow. They ran inside, one stop to open the door and shout for the others. “Quick guys! Get inside!” Inspector Lizz, Mari and James Dodger turned and ran for them jumping inside the door as the wind was actually visible around five metres away. A giant blob of powerful wind, filled with thousands of droplets of snow shot towards them.
James stared out of the window after Mari closed the door; outside he saw his red buggy on top of the plane, it was bending backwards, the ropes were straining and snapping frantically. “I have got to go out there!”
Mari screamed when she say the little red buggy sitting on top of the plane she had just flew in, “Is THAT how you got here?”
James threw himself out of the front door gliding through the wind; he ran up the stairs, the snow was covering the cottages windows now. The folk inside were oblivious of what was happening outside. Dave stepped on the first step, the wind shook him sideways, and he grabbed hold of the doorframe of the plane. One officer stood in front of him shot off into the distance losing grip of gravity. James ran up the steps, he paused when he saw Dave hanging off of the side of the door frame, his grip was becoming loose. James’ feet slid along fast, he grabbed the other side of the doorframe as snow belted for his face.

James stared over, “Grab my shoe!” he shouted whilst reaching for a higher part of the plane. He knew the buggy was coming loose and one thing was sitting inside of it he could never lose, his melted chocolate.
James turned back to Officer Dave, whose eyes were flickering fast, “TRUST ME!” James called in the powerful wind. Dave strained to nod; James turned back to the plane still holding onto the doorframe, he threw his hand up and latched onto a piece of metal above the door. The snow was blocking his view but he still held on, at the same time Dave let go of the frame. He held on with one hand now, he pressed his other hand forward in the wind, the feeling of doing weights. He finally grabbed James’ shoe.
The shoe slipped off with Dave holding onto it, his other hand slipped and he disappeared into the snow. James looked down and shrugged, he was almost at the top of the plane now.  
A giant sludge of snow shot for the buggy splattering ones of its bulgy lights. James finally grasp hold of the side of the buggy pulling him self upwards towards it in the powerful wind.
He pulled himself inside but before he could grab his chocolate on the seat the ropes shredded open, ripped apart firing the whole red buggy backwards with James sitting in the passenger seat. His head flew forwards into the small dashboard, he shouted, “Owl!” in the wind but no one got a sound wave.
The back wheels slid across the top of the plane, another gust of wind flew along the air firing the whole buggy backwards and off of the plane end, sliding down into the snow. James frowned to himself, “This could get sticky!”
James crawled down under the seats as the whole buggy flipped backwards, its front sloshed into the cold wet snow, the light and front covered in it. The snow blobs fired upwards as it crashed but the wind kept coming; the buggy flew backwards once again. It zoomed faster and faster until the buggy was in flight across Antarctica, rebounded and leaping off of the snow frequently.


“Right, can we go inside now?” Asked Host politely, “I don’t do the meditation thing…” Jacks smiled and slapped him on the back. Bonse sniffed suddenly and nodded. He was stopped when Riana screamed suddenly. “HELL! What is it Braves?” shouted Jacks. When he turned he noticed her, staring in shock at the upcoming wind. Before anyone could move or twitch a man shot past them in the air, a huge gust of wind fired all four of them into the Berkshire Diamonds stall walls.
In the powerful wind one of them spoke, “I read about this! Powerful winds! Tell me this though! Host! Have you still got the Diamond?”
In the wind Host stared down at his hand in the wind, there in a very tight grip was a flapping brown bag; thousands of pieces of snow were hitting it but none that would break his grip. “Yes! I still got it!”
Bonse shook away the flying snow and tried to reach the door, “Somebody open that ruddy door!” he shouted fiercely.
Riana turned suddenly, her hair flickering powerfully, the feeling of pulling your hair. She pointed forwards, “What’s that giant red thing coming towards us in the snow?”
Bonse turned and saw it, flying at them at mighty speeds, the rotating buggy. James held tight inside as snow soared around him as he went up and down and upside down. “I don’t know! But I suggest we JUUUMP!” shouted Bonse. He leapt the other way. At the time it was oddly convenient a piece of snow had blocked one of Bert Host’s ears.
Riana, Bonse and Jacks jumped for their lives whilst the buggy flew forwards into the Berkshire shack.


Inspector Lizz stared at one of the men in the cottage, “This is an igloo ha?” she asked. The man frowned deeply and stared out the window, “The gust have dawned down, and we can go now.  It is quite likely your friends are dead.”
Whilst they left the cottage the other man settled down with a nice warm cup of tea.
Beside the cottage was a small brick shelter; under the giant door was a small snow mobile. The man pressed a small black button on the side, the door opened slowly, rising until the mobile was fully viewable.
Lizz, Mari and the man hopped in. The man turned a key and the mobile shot out of the shelter. Mari stared at the roof of the plane, “The buggy’s gone!” she shouted sadly. The man smiled mildly, “Any vehicles will have been blown away, apart from the plane of course.”
Mari sighed slowly; Lizz patted her on the back. “Come on, we have a case to solve! Now drive Mr. Eskimo, drive!”
“Inuit,” corrected Mari still droopy. Lizz frowned and settled down in her seat as the snow mobile drove through the thick ice-cream coated snow flakes.


The Berkshire stall was, in pieces. Planks of wood and bricks surrounding the area, laying in separate parts. Crumpled rubble, debris, fragments and the shops remains. Over the mounds of wreckage sat an upright red buggy. James’ head popped out of the top. He grasped the side of the buggy with his hand and pulled him self up and out, his feet smashed onto the snowy ground.
“New look at bringing down the house!” James smiled to himself. Suddenly Bonse popped out of the ruins. “That was no house you flat stick! That was a Diamond stall and you just ruined me!” James turned his head to see the welcome.
“Oh, I have your picture!” said James happily. There was silence for a few minutes.
Then out of the blue, Bonse pulled out a gun. The grey silver shined in the snowy wind. Riana stood up beside him, followed by buff Jacks. Jacks stared around, “Where’s Bert?” he asked. Both Riana and Jacks were a little frightened by the weapon.
“Mrs. Braves!” shouted James happily, “It could have only been you, the mysterious figure. Then fact we caught you just as you were about to enter the shop was obviously because your plane could not leave until your pilot Mrs. Riana Braves had finished her interviews, she also did that fake phone call with her husband. Where’s George then huh?” said James, his face was snow.
Riana smiled, or more or less smirked at the remark, “He’s dead, and we threw him into the sea. Dead. He was no use to us. Just another mystery to slow you folks down. I was the mastermind behind the whole thing.”
James smiled, “Why’d you get these bladders to help you do it? You do realise they told their mums?”
Riana’s eyes widened. “You ruddy horse feet!” she shouted at them. But she was paused when Bonse pressed the hand gun up to her nose. “You know, we might be standing in Antarctica at the moment but that gun is still the coldest thing around.”
Bonse frowned powerfully. “Shut up.” He said clearly.
Suddenly a hand sprang out of the rubble. “HOST!” shouted Jacks happily, he ran over and pulled him out. Host’s face was covered in dirt and dust. He was happy to have been found until he’d seen the gun. Bonse’s face did not crack, it stood there still as a statue, flat as a painting. “Where’s the Diamond Bert?”
Host didn’t threat to check, he searched his hands and the area around him. “It must have got… hit away… or blown away?” He got up and scuffled around picking up planks and leather pieces. Bonse didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, and he did.
Burt Host collapsed on the muck, the bang made everyone flinch. Host’s body laid motionless on the dirty snow surrounding them. Bonse swayed his gun to Jacks head, “Now everyone, bend down and look for the Diamond, when found. Bring it to me, if you refuse, you will die. Just like Bert Host over there. Now BEND!”

The group bent down and pretended to look for the Diamond, Riana was actually trying to find it. She crept along the snow and rubble picking up pieces of metal and crusts of brick. *Beep beep*
The small snow mobile burst into view through the windy droplets of ice, it bumped Bonse forwards onto the snow. He collapsed down; ice froze up his arms with the gun still tightly in grasp. “JAMES!” shouted Mari from the snow mobile, she leapt off and started to make her way to James who was standing next to the red buggy in the snow.
“Who the hell?” shouted Bonse pushing himself up, wiping the snow off of his face and firing at Mari, the bullet soared across the cold temperature destroying every snow flake in its path.
James’ smile disappeared, along with Inspector Lizz’s. Mari shot forward literally as the bullet penetrated her back, pressing in like a finger to a loaf of bread. Blood splattered out onto the cold snow as she collapsed face first into the soggy, wet ice.

Once again the only sound to be heard was the one of the wind. Bonse smirked lowering the gun, everyone in shock. “As I said, LOOK FOR THAT DIAMOND NOW!” The group continued to search, apart from James Dodger who was still standing there watching in his mind, the shot that killed Mari.
The only thing that came to mind was, “She was a fascinating person, like a book covered in butter. And you just ripped out a page.”
Bonse turned to listen to the nonsense. He held the gun up to aim at James, “Why don’t you join the pile of scrap?” he said laughing in the snowy wind. Inspector Lizz was down on her knees searching when she heard the threat. She’d had enough; the anger problem had finally come in handy. She threw herself into the air and elbowed Bonse in the neck; he flew forward onto the snow once again in pain.
The man from the snow mobile pulled out a long rope from the back. Inspector Lizz took the gun from him as the man pulled back Bonse’s hands and tied them up; Lizz threw away the gun and tightened up the rope hard. “I am arresting you Pete Bonse for Serious Burglary and the murder of two lives and don’t you dare say… ANYTHING!” She pulled him up and smacked him in the mouth. “Three!” said James, still in the trance but hearing every word. “He also killed Mr. Braves with help from Jacks.” Bonse’s face was white, covered in icy snow, but at the same time you could see the blood dripping off of his mouth.

James smiled and hopped into his buggy. He sat in the driver’s seat for around ten minutes whilst the snow mobile man helped Inspector Lizz tie up the other burglars. As the man tied up Riana she spat a droplet of saliva towards him hitting him in the eye, he quickly wiped it off and tied her feet together.
James leant over, a tear emerged from his eye as the thought of Mari falling forwards towards him, almost like she was about to hug him. The tear splattered on the buggy chair as he picked up his chocolate from the seat. For the first time in his life the chocolate was actually frozen. James was shaking in the cold now, he picked up his key and pressed it into the slot, rotated it and the bubbling engine started up.
“Bonjour!” He shouted as he grasped the steering wheel.
Lizz looked over, “Where are you going Mr. Dodger? You can’t go, without you we wouldn’t have solved this case at all!”
James stared in wonder; he smiled and then spoke, ““I am not a detective.””

Bonse slowly became conscious, shaking and bubbling in his mouth, water dribbling from his lips as he growled like a wolf.

James smiled weakly and pressed his foot down. The buggy simmered across the snow driving down past other buildings.
The man pushed the three criminals into the back of the snow mobile. Lizz smiled towards him and looked at her mobile phone. “We need an ambulance down here at once,” she said placing it by her ear. The man stared over to her, “What number did you call?” he asked.
She turned back, “Nine, nine, nine, why?” The man by the snow mobile frowned and rolled his eyes, “Here, give it to me.”

James’ buggy bumped along the snow happy as Larry. James leant down stretching one hand, the other still on the wheel. His hand explored the bottom of the buggy; suddenly pulling out the giant Raven Diamond glowing in his hand.
“Foogmalooge!” he said happily placing it into his pocket.


Inspector Lizz and the police crew mourned the loss of five of their officers, four lost to a powerful Antarctic storm and one to a gun. Bonse was sentenced to a lifetime in jail, the others sent for a very long time.
Lizz stepped over to the vending machine and placed twenty five pence into the slot; she pressed for a cup of tea, grabbed a cup and waited for it to pour the tea. She then went to the confirmation room, sat and sipped it slowly. The warm liquid fell down her throat like a blazing water fall.  


James stepped into the Berkshire shack tripping over on an old log. Mr. Thomas Berkshire walked up to James smiling. “How are you old chap?” he said friendly. He had a tiny stopwatch hanging off of his jacket. James paused for a moment, “I’m only twenty two?”
Berkshire smiled, “And I’m sixty sixty but I’m not complaining about it but I am planning to die when I add another six ay?” he started too giggled to himself.
James looked very confused, “What?”
Berkshire slumped on his armchair, “Sorry, had a drop of alcohol earlier. Don’t you just love it ay?”
James shook his head, “No, I prefer wine.”
James then smiled wiping another soft dab of snow off of his face, “Must say Berkshire, I’m pretty hippy you weren’t in your Diamond stall today cause I... I mean, some crooks completely demolished it. Talking of emus, could I stay a few nights, I don’t feel like heading back to England so soon?”
Berkshire was dribbling on his chair, “Of course Dodger, anything for you! It’s just your luck too that I hired a butler from the UK today. James Dodger…”
Berkshire pushed himself up from the chair and swayed his arm to the corridor, “Meet Lorry! The Berkshire butler, little ring too it if you think hm?” He giggled once again to himself.
James smiled as Lorry stood there, his mouth so wide his face strained and he fainted, his body fell slowly backwards, first his back then his legs. Berkshire burped a little, “He said he’d worked for a big name so I hired him with high pay!”

Later on James sat calmly on his new red armchair inside the Berkshire shack, “Maybe she’s not dead,” he sat hopelessly.
“You’re the writer James, it’s your choice, isn’t it?” asked Berkshire now reading a newspaper. James stared over, “Fine, you do that”
“Chocolate cake and wine sir?” asked Lorry lousily, holding a shiny silver tray in front of him. James smiled, “Will do”

*End, By Nathan Viney
Part two of the amazing arctic murder, theif mystery, comedy, James Dodger and the Rain Bug.

I hope you enjoyed the story.

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