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Doctor Who
Time's a Wish

Lightening struck, soaring from the clouds down to the core of earth, spilling sparks across the grass, striking a weak tree. It had stood there for over three hundred years growing over time, but everything has it’s time and everything ends. The tree’s bark crunched in the centre and set the log ripping open and flying apart. It collapsed onto the muddy floor, a loud crunch followed by some quiet falling rain.

Romana sat peacefully on a stone chair sitting just outside of the largest palace on the planet. She listened peacefully to the music the birds played as they flew calling and calling. The last Time lady, her home had been destroyed, a queen, a goddess.
The palaces walls shone of wide crystal all the way up, crisp in reflection bursting out with glee and beauty. “Romana, look at the time!” shouted a man running over to her dressed in a large robe. “Its stopped, my watch has stopped.”
Romana raised an eyebrow, turned her head swaying her long blond hair. “What is so incorrect about that Lord Falcon, clocks stop all of the time. But time still moves on no matter where the idea goes. You know that,” she said nodding her head towards him like he was a youngling.

“But Madam, every clock on the planet has frozen, does this not concern you?” Lord Falcon was shaking as he spoke. Romana’s eyes widened, “Hold on, hold on, you took a big step from ‘my watch has stopped’ to every clock on this tiny planet has paused?” Romana stood up, placed her hand in the pocket of her long bright jumper and pulled out her Sonic Screwdriver. “Hand me your watch,” she asked politely. Lord Falcon nodded and unwrapped his watch from his arm. He placed it onto Romana’s hand as she held it out. She grasped it and placed the Sonic Screwdriver over it, pressed the small neon button with her thumb and a green light shone from the end glowing frantically. Lord Falcon became amused with the shots of energy zooming through into the watch. She switched it off and stared up handing Falcon his watch back.
“Must only be a malfunction. Something to do with electricity and batteries perhaps Lord Falcon, there’ll be a simple explanation,” Romana rolled her eyes.
“You don’t think…” said Falcon staring over at Romana closely now. Romana turned her head, “No, I don’t.”
Falcon replied with a, ‘oh’ and walked off into the garden disappearing through blurred bushes.  
The TARDIS shot through time and space ripping away the vortex as it spun. Inside sat two passengers and a pilot. Rose, Jack and the Doctor. “Whoa, Doctor calm down on the spinning man,” shouted Jack laughing whilst holding onto two polls. The controls shook on spot, Rose held onto the sides of her armchair as the TARDIS took a rollercoaster ride. “Everybody loves a bit of fun!” shouted the Doctor leaning over in Jacks direction. Jack sighed in reply and held on tight. Rose leapt over from the armchair and grasped the controls.
“Come on, where we going next Doctor?” she said smiling up at the Doctor as he smiled in return, “How should I know, this thing has a mind of its own.”
Jack leapt over to the controls as it shook frantically. “So, you’re saying we don’t know where we are going?”
The Doctor giggled, “Stop being American and hold down that lever.” Rose laughed and jumped back onto the armchair.

The TARDIS glowed as it appeared in a large grassy field. The Doctor stepped out, his eyes wondering the skies, followed by Rose and Jack.
“Garmentanica,” said the Doctor gleefully staring over to the trees. Rose’s face screwed up suddenly, “Garmentica?” she questioned.
“Garmentanica,” said the Doctor once again, “This planet is named Garmentanica. I came here once, with… with... no one,” he thought for a moment.
Jack raised an eyebrow, “How do you know, looks like earth to me?”
The Doctor turned and smiled, “That’s the American eye. Can you see Rose?” Rose’s eyes were already to the skies staring at the red colours, leaping across. “Half a sun,” she said staring towards a split bulb of light, half a sun. Jack replied with an ‘ah!’.
“It’s around five solar systems away from yours Rose. Not to far away on a computer picture but a long way if you are planning to walk,” As the Doctor laughed, the others were silent. “Computer pictures?” they both asked.
The Doctor paused, “Oh, well they were, just this thing from my home…,” he dragged off into a mumble afterwards. “Oh come on, let’s go exploring man! We’ve only just arrived here,” called Jack placing his coat over his shoulder. The Doctor nodded and they all started off into the grassland as the Police Box stood isolated.

A giant pebble statue stood in the centre of town. A large monument to a creature named Flu. He had tusks the size of lions and an enormous stone belly in which he sat on. He was missing legs, looking more like a type of Walrus. “Is that a Walrus?” asked Rose staring up at the statue. “Probably an evolved one, which can… do ‘people’ like things. Speaking of people, where is everyone?” they looked around to see the town deserted, through windows they saw people shaking in their homes. A woman stared out the window; as soon as they caught her eye she closed the blinds. “Friendly neighbourhood,” said Jack sarcastically.
“Leave the American gestures to yourself Jacko boy will you,” The Doctor asked politely towards Captain Jack.

There was silence. Suddenly Rose’s voice burst through, “Doctor, Jack! A water well!” Rose stood next to a small stone well. “I was getting thirsty,” said Jack smiling.
The Doctor walked up to it and stared down, it was deep, extremely deep. “Quite deep isn’t it,” he said giggling. He reached for his brown jacket pocket and pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver, placed it towards the well and pressed the button. A blue sonic light lit up the well, “No water I’m afraid, or if there is it’s not going to be easy to get it, you’d need a pretty long rope,” he said gesturing with his free hand. The light went off and he placed the Screwdriver back into his pocket.
Lord Falcon walked along the grass besides Romana who was waving her hands joyfully. He tried to keep up with his chubby little legs bobbing along. The grass was green and waving in the wind, they both sat down on the calm grass and stared up at the sun. “The best sun I have ever come across,” Romana said staring with wondrous eyes. Lord Falcon’s eyes widened as he stared over to her, “You mean, you’ve seen others?” he asked.
Romana giggled, “oh yes, How could I be a Time lady and not have seen other Suns? Gallifrey’s was wonderful, Earth’s was a bit, simple but this one has an art to it. I know someone who would have enjoyed it, he loved art. Falcon listened in, “Who was that Madam?”
“The Doctor,” she said smiling. Falcon smiled in return.
“So, where is ‘The Doctor’ now Madam?” he asked now staring back towards the ‘Half Sun’. Romana’s eyes drooped with her head, “Long gone, died with the rest of the Time Lords Falcon, I am the only one left.”
Falcon became shocked, “Oh, of course Madam.”
“Oh, what’s that blue thing sitting in the centre of the fields Falcon?” A small blue blur stood over the hill faint as a square of mystery, but it reminded Romana of something. Something from earlier years, something hidden at the back of her mind. “Shall we investigate?” She called joyfully already half way up the hill. Falcon shook his head, “It, it could be dangerous Madam.”
“You’re no fun Falcon, alright I’ll go,” she skipped through the grass, her blond hair waved in the wind, left of her a red sunset, cut through the centre. As she walked closer her eyes widened, the blue box stood still on the grass, but, so alive. Romana stopped in front of it, staring. She blinked, stared more, looking up at the sign, ‘Police Public call box.’
Falcon suddenly appeared next to her coughing and breathing fast after a jog. He stared up at the box, “What is it?” he asked. Romana did not reply, she just stood staring frequently. “What is that? What language is that?”
Romana stared, her eyes fell, a tear formed below dropping down onto the mud. It splattered creating a small puddle, soaking into the ground beneath. “Madam Romana?” called Falcon staring wildly upon her.
She fainted, falling down onto the mud, her eyes closed.
There was a loud bang and an old woman ran out of her cottage leaping towards the three travellers. “Excuse me, do you folk know what is going on?” she asked shaking in fear. The Doctor tightened up his collar, “Actually, I think we were hoping you would know. But it now seems like no one does, yay,” he said smiling. The old woman frowned, “Where is time? Where has it gone? What have we done wrong to deserve no time?” She whimpered. She ran over to the giant monument of Flu, the Walrus God. The Doctors right eyebrow rose as he stared down at the woman praying. “Why have you taken it away from us? Why?”
Jack’s pupils zoomed from place to place, “Does that sound good Doctor?” Rose was reacting in a similar way, except her face drooped as she stared around at the silent village, people started walking out of their homes, but only walking, and taking steps around the centre square on the wet stone. Walking around mindless.
“What do you think Jack?” said Rose now quite worried. Jack walked away leaving The Doctor and Rose. “Where are you going Jack?” they both shouted after him. Jack turned his head as he walked, “I need to know what she meant.”
He stood above the woman praying below Flu. The Doctor started to move forwards at a fast pace, “I don’t think that’s a good idea, you must respect her!” shouted the Doctor.
Jack smiled back, “It’ll only take a sec.” He placed his hand on the woman’s shoulder. “Excuse me,” he said smiling. Her face churned, it twisted around to face Jack. Suddenly fright came upon him. Her eyes were red, burning in evil, her mouth stretched to reveal two large teeth growing frantically out of her gum. She roared, spitting bits of gum towards Jack, he shrieked waving his hands around, and running off back to the Doctor and Rose. Rose’s jaw dropped and the Doctor once again rose an eyebrow.  
The woman’s face turned back to normal and she turned back to pray. Jack was jumping around and shaking. “It’s a demon!” he shouted. The Doctor patted him on the back, “She just doesn’t like you.” Rose laughed although still a little shocked at the earlier sight.
“Why don’t we ask someone who isn’t respecting their God at the moment hm?” said the Doctor giggling. Jack nodded and hid behind Rose. The Doctor rolled his eyes, “Time agents,” he said.
There was a bright light, and suddenly everyone was blinded, it drew down again revealing everyone in the centre square.
“Why don’t we ask someone who isn’t respecting their God at the moment hm?” said the Doctor giggling. Jack nodded and hid behind Rose. The Doctor rolled his eyes, “Wait, this isn’t right,” he said.
Rose’s eyes widened, “What is it Doctor?” The Doctor stared around glancing.
“This can’t be right, did anybody else feal that time twitch then?” Rose stood confused, “No,” replied both Jack and Rose. The Doctor thought for a moment placing his fist under his chin, “Odd, time took a shift; I must have only felt it because I’m a part of the system.”
“Falcon! Did you just feal that? A...twitch in time?” Romana woke up shrieking. Falcon stared over her, “Oh, Madam, you are awake. You collapsed after seeing that blue box on the hill; I brought you back to the palace.”
Romana and Lord Falcon sat in the main hall of the palace, golden staircase, stands of armour, weapons sitting carefully on the walls and bright crystals held as lights.

Romana stared around frantically, “So it wasn’t a dream! He really is here!”
Falcon become confused and leant back in his chair, “Whom, may I ask Madam?” Romana stared at him, her eyes twinkling in the crystal light, “My Doctor.”
“Would you please stop imagining things Doctor and tell me what was wrong with that woman? Why, the beastly eyes?” shouted Jack tightening his leather Jacket and running around in circles. “Captain Jack, Captain of the nothingness, these ‘people’ are not human, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ate with their toes. Things are different here; I’m sure that ‘beastly’ mishap is natural for them.” Jack stared at the Doctor raising an eyebrow in disagreement.
The Doctor stared back then thought for a moment, “Although last time I visited they were not doing that…”
Jack shouted, “HA!” throwing his right arm into the air and hopping. Rose sighed and watched as the woman continued praying. “Right, I need to talk with one of them. This problem, with time, seems quite odd,” The Doctor said pointing towards one of the women shaking her tiny watch hanging from a golden chain.
The Doctor walked over to her and paused in-front. “Good evening, my name is The Doctor, I’m here to help.”
The women swung the clock upwards and grasped it into her hand staring back over to the Doctor, “We are lost.”
The Doctor put his hands into his pocket ready to listen, “Explain.”
The woman started, “This morning our clocks stopped, and watches. Every source of time on this planet. We are lost without time, we have no idea where or what to do!”
The Doctor frowned but still tried to make it look like he was interested. “Yes, ok, so all together you are all just a bunch of drama queens?” He giggled facing to the woman. “You think this is funny? We cannot follow by the sun as it is always up.” The Doctor nodded, thanked her and walked back over to Jack and Rose who stood next to the water well.
“So, what’s up doc?” laughed Jack, Rose gave him an annoyed stare. The Doctor smiled towards both of them, “Decoy!”
One word, The Doctor closed his mouth and walked over to sit on the side of the brick well. Both Rose and Jack looked extremely confused.
Rose walked over and sat next to him, “Come on Doctor, update us then,” she said smiling. Her hands sat on the cold brick of the well. Jack stood beside them staring at the Doctor anxious.   
“Fill you both in; this whole town are a bunch of drama queens. Their clocks stopped so they are freaking out, they can’t read the time from the sun as it is a still sun. I believe this little mishap is a decoy for a much larger thing. The question is what?”
Both Rose and Jack’s mouths fell open staring in wonder.

“DOCTOR! DOCTOR WHERE ARE YOU?” The Doctor suddenly heard an extremely familiar voice. He stared around to see Romana running across the pebble stoned floor through corridors of the town.  Rose was staring too, “Did she just say Doctor?” The Doctor brought up a cough and started choking, his throat relaxed and he stared harder, “Not possible. Impossible, Non possibility, absolutely not likely,” he spoke in rhythm as Romana’s footsteps on the pebbles echoed in his mind.
“What’s not possible Doctor? What is it?” asked Rose staring down at him now.

The Doctor sat, in a trance. Unable to reply to Romana’s call or anyone else’s for that matter.
Romana ran over to the three of them pausing in front of Jack. “Excuse me, have you seen a tall man, big coat and very long scarf... or a man with short black hair or... well he goes by the name of the Doctor.”
Jack’s eyes shook. Romana paused for a second staring at Jack, “You’re not him are you?” Jack could not grasp a breath.
“Romana, I’m here,” said the Doctor smiling over to her. “I... I just, this isn’t quite possible is it?” Romana smiled back in return.
“I see you’ve been regenerating Doctor, how many since we last met?” The Doctor became giddy inside, “I’ve been keeping myself healthy, only twice since I last saw you. What about you? You look exactly the same even after all of these years.”
Romana smiled, “Since you, I haven’t really been in many, dangerous situations. No need for regeneration.”
Rose butted in, “Hello! May I ask who this is Doctor?” Pointing towards Romana. The Doctor turned to Rose, “An old companion of mine, she is a ….” The Doctor stopped there and stared into Romana’s eyes. “A time lady,” replied Romana now becoming giddy inside as well.
“But that’s not possible, Gallifrey’s destroyed, the great time war, THE DALEKS! I would have sensed you. How?”
Romana smiled, “I was about to ask you the same question,” she paused for a moment, “I escaped on a flight with a friend, from there we came to this planet. The lonely planet, in the middle of no-where. There are no other planets in this solar system, only small moons. My friend passed away a while back, I am now staying in the Royal Palace. Not a very interesting life really, you?” Romana stood smiling waiting for a reply. The Doctor licked his lips and spoke, “Escaped, cybermen, daleks, some other monsters, the usual.”
They both laughed and fell into each others arms. As they hugged Rose watched as the woman praying had finally stopped. She stood up and walked back into her cottage.
Jack pushed in breaking Romana and the Doctor apart, “Sorry to break this reunion but you said you live here right man?” he asked Romana. She sighed and stood straight, “First off, I am not a man. Second off yes I do, why?” Jack smiled and started kind of hopping on the spot slightly, “HA! Right, tell me this, is it normal for these folks to turn into beasts?”
There was silence.
“I don’t believe so, no,” she said in reply. Jack giggled in joy and started dancing in front of the doctor singing, “I told you so!”
Romana stared over to the Doctor, “You mean, this happened Doctor?” The Doctor sighed, “Yes, yes it did.” Romana suddenly looked worried.
Rose was starting to become a bit jealous. She went back and sat on the wall of the well. She watched as Romana and The Doctor were chatting whilst she sat quietly waiting for something amazing to happen. “Excuse me, have we not a time problem on our hands?” shouted Rose to the Doctor.
The Doctor, hardly listening turned back, “Oh, nah Rose, we have plenty of time to talk.”
Rose sighed, “No I mean…. never mind.” Jack ran over to her, dancing jolly.
“Rose, I am so thirsty, can you see any water down there?” Rose frowned and looked up at Jack standing beside her. “Check yourself!” she replied. Captain Jack walked over to the side of the well and leant over slightly seeping for a view of inside of the tunnel.
There was a glow of white blurred light and suddenly an alpha spark spike shot through Jacks head from inside the well. Jack, became dizzy and started to fall forwards, he leant over, further, further and then dropped the top half of his body into the well followed by the bottom half. Rose suddenly turned around and threw her arms out grabbing Jacks feet. “DOCTOR!”
Both the Doctor and Romana paused and ran towards the well. The Doctor stopped at the side, “What happened?” he called grasping Jacks feet. Romana held on to trying to pull him up. “He just fell! I heard this, electric sound and he just fell,” shouted Rose, a tear formed in her eye. It dropped from her face and fell down the well. “Jack! Talk to me!” shouted Romana calling down the well as she could see his head facing the brick.
The Doctor stared down, “He’s not replying, on the count of three we pull him up, one, two and THREE!” The three of them pulled him out collapsing onto the pebble floor. Captain Jack lay on his front, breathless on the pebbles; Romana turned him around and stared at his head.
The Doctor placed his fingers lightly on Jacks neck, no pulse. Rose suddenly burst into tears collapsing onto him, her eyes flooding in water. “I…,” The Doctor was speechless; he kneeled on the ground staring at Jack lying dead on the floor of another planet. Suddenly he sparked, “Alright! Everybody get away from the well! NOW!”
“I’m going back to the TARDIS Doctor,” said Rose walking off into the mist. The Doctor called over to her, “I thought you were the one who wanted to investigate! Live a little!”
Rose turned back; a streak of blond hair flew over her face, “I need to... think.”
Romana and the Doctor stood in the centre square away from the well watching as Rose walked off. The Doctor straightened up, “Well, I guess it’s just you and me Romana,” said the Doctor sighing. Romana nodded.

They paced a step before the Well. “Now, this is one of the oddest things I have ever come across Romana,” said the Doctor.
“Is it?”
The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and started scanning the small walls of the well, “There’s something down there and I don’t think it’s a basket of puppies.”
Romana nodded in return, she grabbed out her sonic screwdriver from her pocket, a little more advanced than the Doctors. She started scanning the walls also. “What are we looking for Doctor?” asked Romana pausing to watch the Doctor.
“Anything, odd?” said the Doctor giggling.
They continued scanning, “Doctor, may I ask, why you are not mourning for your companion, Captain Jack. It seems a little odd for you?”

The Doctor sniffed, “But doesn’t everything? The whole point is that this planet is odd, lets not stop there, the people are odd and even the God is odd. Even the water supply is odd. Odd, odd, odd. I am not mourning Romana, because If everything is as odd as it seems, then isn’t Jacks death a little odd?”
Romana’s eyes widened, “You are not making any sense Doctor.” The Doctor giggled, “I think odd is the only way to beat odd, to battle the odd, you must be a professional. Know where everything is, and notice what is odd.” The Doctor suddenly switched off his screwdriver and pressed in one of the bricks, “Au revoir”
Suddenly the centre of the square started lowering. The well with it, the platform lowered into the ground. Both the Doctor and Romana with it, suddenly a giant plate of metal slid over the tunnel and formed a smooth floor where the well used to be.
A woman stood at the side staring over, “Well, that was odd.”
Light simmered lightly through the walls of stone, tiny droplets of water dropped from the ceiling splattering on the hard rock beneath.
The floor levelled and Romana slowly stepped off, her shoe tapped the stone building up a large echo. The Doctor did the same; they both stepped off of the platform and moved slowly along. It was very dark; all they could see were small patches of rock and hear the dripping and echoing of the falling droplets. Romana, quick thinking pulled out her Sonic Screwdriver and lead the way. “So Doctor, what is this place?”
The Doctor turned to her, his face became a shade of green in the screwdrivers light, “I’m not sure, but I’m interested in finding out Romana.” Romana smiled in the green glimmer, “Mm yes, me too.”
They walked on, every step echoed, ricocheting off of the thick walls, walking into the darkness, no sight of light or existence. Only their foot steps could be heard, with the slight call of the population above.
“You’ve changed so much Doctor…” said Romana quietly, her eyes shone with the light of the screwdriver. Her pupils glimmering towards the Doctor as they walked forwards into the unknown. “Is that… a good thing?” asked the Doctor lifting an eyebrow. Romana smiled, “You tell me,” she continued laughing.
“Well, I’d say I like this personality, except for the hair, I’m not ginger, and that was a little disappointment. I’ve never been ginger before.”
Romana giggled repeatedly shaking the light. They both laughed for a while still stepping along.
Suddenly light came into focus, the cave grew larger, they could finally see more. A giant crack in the stone above them letting in gallons of light. In front of the two stood a giant Clock, Golden framed with golden arms, ticking slowly away. The second hand shot around at normal speed, every minute was becoming lost.
The Doctor opened his mouth in astonishment, Romana followed. “Underground clock, everyone on the planet’s watches have stopped and this little, or should I say BIG beauty is ticking away happy as Barney.” Romana’s eyes wondered around the clock, glancing as it ticks. “It’s Larry.”
The Doctor stared over to her, “Pardon?”

Romana smiled, “Its ‘happy as Larry’, not… Barney.” The Doctor giggled in return staring back up at the clock, “ah!” He ran around to the back of the clock where two giant stakes of metal held it up. “Positively intriguing,” he said creasing his face as he smiled. He scanned the metal with his sonic screwdriver, “Welded together with technology not from this planet.” Romana ran over to him from the back staring down at the metal. “What does that tell us Doctor?”
He thought for a moment, “That… the ‘it’ in charge of ‘it’ is not from this planet.”

Romana smirked and treaded back to stare at the giant Clock. “Why is it here Doctor? Something to do with, Time, not real time, virtual time?” The Doctor smiled back, “I love having another Time Lord with me, something I haven’t experienced in many of years. You got it Romana, Virtual Time.” Romana listened in carefully. “What ever it is that’s doing, whatever it’s doing may be confused between, real time and virtual time. Time, and what’s on the Clock.” He paused, “But I thought it was a decoy for something bigger, now I’m confused.”
Romana patted him on the back, “Don’t worry, we’ll sort it out.”
The Doctor sat down on one of the metal poles; Romana then walked over and sat on the other one. “Why was it left here? So many questions, I can’t answer them!” The Doctor started ruffling through his own hair. “YET, Doctor! YET!” shrieked Romana convincing the Doctor to be confident. He started biting his nails and staring around the room, “Why?”

A man walked out from behind the Clock and stopped in front of the Doctor and Romana. He wore a swift black coat in which he held tight with black gloves. A fickle nose and beady eyes with short jet black hair. “Afternoon or good morning. How are we to know Doctor?”
The Doctor jumped up and hopped in front of the man. “Who are you? How do you know my name?” Romana stood up behind grasping the Doctor’s shoulder and staring at the mysterious man.
“I am not important. But if I am, don’t let me know,” the man said quietly.
The Doctor once again raised an eyebrow. “You what?” said Romana suddenly. The Doctor suddenly made a frown, “We asked of your name!”
The man smiled, “My name is Frothal, is that enough Doctor?”
The Doctor smiled, “Nice name, my mother was very unimaginative. How do you know who we are Frothal?”
“Easy, scanned the area, noticed ‘alien’ technology, the technology of a Time Lord. Time and relative dimensions in space…” he lowered both eyebrows and grinned, “…Then read your jacket collar for the rest.”
The Doctor glanced at his collar, “ah!” Romana giggled, and then struck silence when she noticed what Frothal was holding. An odd type of weapon with the use of a gun. With a red light glowing at the Doctors. “Can we have silence Doctor¸ or I’ll be forced to fire?”
“Indeed, dear Frothal. By the way, where are you from? Just out of interest you understand.” The Doctor smiled, in reply Frothal coughed and continued.
“Three galaxies away, the planet Flaxon. You probably haven’t heard of it.”
The Doctor nods. Romana turns to him, “Have you Doctor?” the Doctor grins,
“Noisy Planet, they ride floating hot water bottles for transportation and have lollipops and liquorish for supper on a Thursday,” The Doctor laughed, “Right load of bonkers over there.”
The man frowned once again, “You are mistaken, and the planet you speak of is another. Flaxon is a royal planet, heights of palaces and stone buildings with roads made of pure crystal. An enormous clock once stood in the centre of the main city, Glorge. That clock is now gone.”
“Guess where…” replied the Doctor staring back at the golden Clock. “But, Why? Why have you brought a giant Clock to this lonely little planet?”
Frothal smiled, “You ask too many questions Doctor, your questions will be answered all in good time.”
“But that’s just it! What’s with you and time? Please explain before you kill me with your powerful water pistol!”
Romana suddenly burst into laughter; Frothal straightened up, wiped himself of dirt and walked over to the clock. “Ok, I will SHOW you.”
He started pushing it through the tunnel, the metal poles came loose and wheels became visible below it. The Doctor noticed and followed, behind him walked Romana becoming suspicious.

They stopped just below the Well. “It’s interesting you know…” Frothal started mumbling to himself, he pushed the top of the Clock downwards forwarding the face towards the Well’s tunnel. “… The fact this isn’t only a Clock but a weapon of mass destruction.”
Romana’s eyes widened, “WHAT?”
“This planet is lucky it has a still-sun, it’s always in the same place. Makes it easier to destroy.” Frothal laughed for a moment staring into space.
The Doctor frowned at the thought, “Nothing’s powerful enough to do that, not this... clock thing, not anything. Sun’s will eventually expand, implode and create a black hole. My friend, this takes billions of years to occur. Nothing can destroy it… ”
“Nothing Doctor, but Time itself,” Frothal walked over to a giant box, covered in wires and tubes. A giant globe, a dome of glass was sitting on top, inside was a strange blue mist. Clouds of blue mist whirling around inside.
“In this globe I have all of the time on this planet, drifting around inside. In my possession. With the power of this, with the energy of Time I get fire that sun, destroying it. The suns energy will rip open the planet, because of the time explosion I will be sent back in time to save my family from the Great War.”
The Doctor went silent, laughed, and then paused again. “How old are you Frothal?”
Romana giggled, Frothal threw his eyes towards her, “What? Age is of no importance.”
The Doctor smiled and leant down on an uncomfortable stone. “Every word you just said is a bunch of gibberish Frothal.”
“This project has been in the making for fifteen years. I may be young but I have the ability. I have the mind!”
“You probably do, yes. But somewhere along the line you’ve been led astray. You should be around, nineteen, am I correct?” Romana walked over to Frothal and put her arm around him. He growled and threw it off standing up and standing beside the Dome of Time. “I have all of the power I need in here! The destruction begins and ends tonight!”
The Doctor walked over to it touching the Dome with his hand, small particles of blue mist swam up to his fingers and then swam down again disappearing in other strands. “So, correct me if I am wrong. You sucked up the so called ‘time’ from all of the watches and clocks of the planet because you thought of it as, virtually time?”
Romana spoke, “Virtual time Doctor.” The Doctor nodded at Romana’s comment and sat down beside the Glass Dome. “All ya got in here kid is a load of battery power. You’ve sucked out the ‘battery power’ from the Planet. That is all.” He paused slapping his head with his hand, “And I thought it was a decoy. Silly me.”
Frothal stood there stunned, “No, that’s not possible. I read it up, I studied it. It is true that destroying a sun with time can fire you back in time Doctor?”
The Doctor swayed his head from side to side, “No it isn’t Frothal. Who ever told you these facts was wrong.”
Frothal pulled out a book from under the Dome, in a small cartridge. He opened it and blew away the dust. “I read it from here. This book I found, I was trying to decode it.”
The Doctor grasped the book and started flipping the pages, “Oh my…”
Romana stared over, “What is it Doctor?” The Doctor passed her the book; she flipped over a page and read. “Gallifrey writing. Where did you get this Frothal?” Frothal frowned, “My mother gave it to me, and her name was Ace. She had gotten it from a friend of hers. He was a Time Lord.”
The Doctor’s eyes widened, “Ace…”
“I tried to decode it, got what I thought it said, searched it up, and stole the City Clock. The Clock is used for City defences, obviously disguised as a clock. I found the perfect planet, the one with the Still sun, Garmentanica.”
The Doctor grabbed the book back; he placed it into his jacket. “So your decoding went wrong.”
Frothal started to cry, “MY FAMILY DIED IN THE WAR! WHAT WAS I MEANT TO DO?” The Doctor smiled and patted him on the shoulder.
“As did mine Frothal. But even I can’t go back, the Time Lord I am,” the Doctor said staring too Romana. “Everything has it’s time and everything ends…”
Romana leant over slightly, “What great war may I ask?” Frothal stared over to her, into the beady eyes. His eyes became angry; he stood up and stared at the giant clock,
Suddenly Frothal’s face turned red, his eyes became beastly, his teeth grew large and sharp, his face expanded and the Doctor stared surprised.
“There’s still energy in that Dome! I can still fire this thing up the well, destroy the City. I don’t care who lives or dies, you said it yourself Doctor. Everything has it’s time and everything ends!”
Romana jumped up; “NO!” she cried leaping forward. The Doctor leapt upwards grabbing Frothal’s arm as his other one grabbed the Dome. He held on tight as the Doctor pulled him back. Frothal collapsed onto the ground being pulled by the
Doctor; he sighted the button that would fire the energy at the corner of his eye.

Frothal kicked his foot forwards kicking out the button from its circuits. Sparks of electricity flung across the cave. The button fell onto the ground rolling down the crack of a stone. The electricity exploded and the Dome ripped open, glass flew across the room, thousands of tiny pieces shattered onto the stones, the wet stones. Thousands of echoing falls as The Doctor let go and stared up as the giant Clock was starting to glow.
Romana ran towards the Clock, “Don’t touch it Romana! The energy in that thing could destroy you!” She slowly walked backwards. Frothal jumped up and watched as the Battery energy burst from the dome place hold and got sucked up into the Giant clocks arms making it glow in Golden light.
Romana stood next to the Doctor, “How long till it fires Doctor?” The Doctor stared over to her, “Exactly Five seconds, but we can still stop it.”
“We can?”
The Doctor ran over to the broken Dome. “The Book!” Romana nodded and ran over to the Doctor. “Of course Doctor! The Gallifrey power from that book could outrun Battery energy any day!” Frothal watched as Romana and The Doctor ran around in circles mumbling to themselves.
“The TARDIS!” The Doctor smiled frequently. He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pressed the switch, the blue light lit up. Romana smiled as the TARDIS suddenly appeared in front of them. Frothal opened his mouth spitting in different directions, “Time Lord!”
“Morning, afternoon or evening Rose!” The Doctor stepped into the Tardis, his tennis shoes bouncing off of the metal. In the corner of the TARDIS lay Jack dead on the floor, pale, and motionless. Rose sat next to him; she suddenly looked up to see the Doctor and Romana running into the TARDIS. “Doctor! What’s happened?”
“No time to talk Rose!” He ran over to the controls, pulled a few leavers and then watched as the TARDIS became in motion, moaning with the sounds of all of time and space.
The door swung open and the Doctor jumped out onto the mud. “Back in the fields, come on Romana! Only three seconds left!”
Rose ran out after Romana, “I’m coming too!” The three of them ran across the fields, slumping in the mud.
Finally they reached the Centre Square. “Book, Romana! Give me the book!” Romana stared around for a moment, “You have it Doctor...” The Doctor giggled suddenly.
“Ah yes!” He reached for his big coat pulling out the book, Gallifrey-an symbols covered the cover, filled up inside. “Doctor! Do you know how Jack died yet?” Rose said behind the rush. “The Weapon, Clock sucked up his mind to add to the collection of battery power in mistake for ‘time’. It will be shot out of the well, which we will catch in the book; we will be able to…”
“DOCTOR! ONE SECOND!” Romana shouted towards the Doctor, he leapt up to the well. Held the book over the tunnel and said, “Make a wish”

The City went white, blinded. The Clock shot mounts of energy up the well, burning away the walls. It shot all the way up; Rose and Romana closed their eyes tight. The Doctor held the book tight above the well as, the spike of energy forced through colliding with the pages of the book.
The Doctor shook as the energy fired up, struck and got absorbed into the book, it glowed. The walls of the well suddenly ripped apart. The energy exploded outwards but soon went back into the book. The stone walls flew across the town through cottage windows. One brick crashed into the Flu sculpture knocking one of the giant teeth off, it fell and exploded onto the pebbles, throwing pieces around. The ground started to crack beneath their feet. The energy bursting out of the holes suddenly flew into the book, crashing inside making it glow extremely. The Doctor held on tighter and tighter. The floor started to fall in, followed by cottages cracking and leaning over slightly.
The Doctor suddenly blinked and the Energy had stopped, he let go of the book away from the well. It flew through the air heading for one of the giant cracks, Rose jumped forwards leaping for the book, and she caught it and rolled back over on the stone. Hopped up and stared back at the Doctor. She smiled and walked back over to him.
The Doctor sighed; Romana got up from the ground and stood up straight.
The Doctor stared down into the hole, now with no well left, just piles of rubble and cracked pebbled grounds. “Frothal!”


The TARDIS appeared in the cave, the Doctor stepped out, walked slowly over to Frothal who was sitting on the stones covered in dust and rubble. He leant over and sat next to him. “Now I know what they mean when they say how insane teenagers are.” The Doctor laughed staring at Frothal. “I’m going to take you home Frothal. There you will be with your friends. The next best thing to Family, I’m sorry I can’t bring them back.”
Frothal sighed; a chunk of dirt fell out of his hair. The Doctor giggled, “You know, if you had gone back in time and met your parents you would have caused a dilemma in Time and that wouldn’t have been very good. Means more work for me, and I don’t get paid for this job.” The Doctor laughed again as Frothal stood up and walked over to the TARDIS.

Inside the TARDIS Frothal sat on the arm chair staring at the body lying on the floor. Rose walked up to him, “Who is this Doctor?” The Doctor smiled and stared away from them, “Please don’t ask.”
Romana stood over Captain Jack. She grasped the book from the control panels and held it over his head. She opened the pages and released the energy. Rose walked over watching the blue mist. “How will we know if it’s Jack’s mind?” Romana stared up to her, “One of the energy sources shall recognise the brain and body.”
“Where are all of the rest of the blue energy thingys going then?” asked Rose watching as some of the blue strands flew through the walls of the Tardis. Romana stared over to the Doctor. “They are returning to their clocks and watches, to start time again and stop the planet being such drama queens.”

He raised an eyebrow to Frothal. A tiny spark of blue mist dropped out of the book, whirled around in the air for a few seconds and then suddenly shot into Jacks head, Rose jumped. Suddenly Jacks head rose, his eyes shot open and he smiled. Rose ran over and hugged him. Romana stood up and placed the book on the control panels. She looked up to the Doctor. “Romana, do you want to come with us or..?”
Romana smiled, looked up to him. “I’m sorry Doctor; I’m going to stay here. I’ve made this my new home now, I hope you understand.”
“Romana of Garmentanica,” he said joyful, “I’ll visit, any time. It’s been brill seeing you Romana.”
Romana grinned, “It has. Do Visit, yes do. Now, must sort out all of those lost souls in town. Either they are getting really confused now or they are all alright. Their clocks should be working now anyways.”
“I’ll visit.”
“You will?”
“Goodbye Doctor.”


The TARDIS shot through time and space, ripping away the vortex as it spun.
“I hope that Frothal does well and doesn’t get up to any mischief,” said the Doctor pulling levers on the TARDIS controller. Jack and Rose sat on the armchair, Jack was a little light headed after his mind had been taken away for an hour or so.
He stood up and walked over to the Doctor, “Doctor, one thing you haven’t explained… what the reason was for all of those people turning into beasts.”

The Doctor stared up watching the TARDIS’s motion. “On the planet Flaxon it’s only natural for the people to become beasts when they are angry. The Clock that was sucking up the energy was from Flaxon. It must have interfered with the villager’s health too.” Jack nodded as if he couldn’t be bothered to continue the conversation; he went back over and sat on the armchair.
Rose stared up at the Doctor, “Who was she Doctor?”
The Doctor turned around astonished, “Another traveller…”


Lord Falcon stared at his watch, ticking away in front of him. Romana ran up the steps of the palace towards him. “All working again Falcon?” Lord Falcon nodded in reply smiling. He suddenly sighted the ripped up centre square in which a well and smooth pebble paving used to be. “Oh my god, what happened down there?” Romana giggled and started walking inside the palace, “Blame the Doctor.”

By Nathan (munch) Viney
(There's aways the wonderer who believes in Virtual Time, and for family he'll go to the extreme. Garmentanica, one of the only planets with a "still sun" is about to come across an "energetic" shock. The Doctor, Rose and Jack find themselves on one of the weirdest adventures they've ever been on. Together with Romana of Garmentanica, The Doctor finds out what is confusing the villagers.)

This story was written a while ago for a Gallifrey forum collaboration, it was never released.
I read it once again, and really like it. There is only one scene i dont like and you may find that but otherwise this i love this story.
This story has characters:
The Doctor (10th)
Romana 2(Old companion)
Rose (companion)
Captain Jack (American)
and a few other faces, there is also mention of the 7th doctor's companion, Ace in the story.
Have fun! It's an interesting read!
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That's quite a bias you've got going there
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